Valuable career tips

Career progression with clear objectives

Without clear objectives, there can be no career progression. Under no circumstances should you fall too short in your career planning or your assessment of your own skills. Of course, your self-image should be realistic. For this, it helps to call in a neutral sparring partner to define your own goals and to become clear about career motivation. Getting to know your own potential is an important experience, as is reflecting on self-doubt. This role can also be played by a professional coach or another person with career experience.

Studies and our experience show that women often set their sights too low. Women apply only if a job almost exactly matches their own skills set and if they feel a job offer is appealing to them directly.

Only when you really have an exact idea of what "career progression" means for you personally can you specifically work towards it. Many people do not take the time to become aware and systematic about their own professional goals. Do so! Write down for yourself what you want to achieve and also why you want to achieve it. Imagine what it will be like when you have achieved your goal.

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